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Stephen Bond

  Zero Stars: Naziland’s wannabe prophet of blowing hard 

This strange, angry bald person would like to be the preeminent philosopher of no holds barred internet snobbery. There are only a couple problems with this. He has a somewhat lackluster ability to like stuff that doesn’t suck and his self-justifying “artistic standards” don’t actually exist (tell me again how Road Warrior doesn’t fit your definition of pornography/musicals?) 

Also, using his own logical principles, I have justifiably declared that he is a proud descendent of Hitler, and, according to him, I don't have to explain myself. Although, I will anyway. Look at him. 

I must confess, we didn't even have a zero star icon when we decided to review Stephen Bond. That's because Mission In-Freaking-Sanity is a publication of love. But Stephen Bond's message is one of pure, absurd hate. Therefore, we decided to give him no stars of compassion (/worth). 

PS. Technically, he is not a real reviewer because he does not give a star rating. Dumbass. 

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