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Ryan Reynolds

Five Stars:Ryan Rodney Reynolds, his parents were better at alliteration than Stan Lee.


  Young Reynolds grew up in Vancouver, Canada and faced an uphill battle t overcome the negative stigma associated with his country. Originally, Ryan was forced to go to college, until eventually his good looks became too much of a burden. These good looks provided Ryan no time for himself or his classes and he was forced to drop out of classes, a move that would mean his chances as future leader of the U.N. would diminish…But a move that would prove beneficial to people in a way that no world leader ever could.

And this is him not in a movie

Ryan started off on a nickelodeon show called "Fifteen" (known as "Hillside" in Canada) and even at such a young age was recognized for his acting skills. He was nominated for “Best Young Actor Co-starring in a Cable Series” at the Young Artist Awards. To be honest, I've never seen the show, but not due to lack of trying. I do, however, have my thoughts as to what it was like.

“You lookin’ fly Becky”

But Ryan got his big break when he was finally able to escape Canada and get a role on a major American sit-com, “Two Guys and a Girl”. On this sit-com Ryan played a hot doctor. The show was canceled after four seasons due to a lie from the show’s creator. He claimed the show was based on his life…Which we all know to be untrue seeing as it is impossible he ever had a friend as cool as Ryan Reynolds.



After "Two Guys and a Girl", Ryan moved on to a movie that would more aptly showcase his awesomeness; "Van Wilder". In "Van Wilder", Ryan portrays a god amongst mortals, who follow him around as if he was their leader. That guy you dream about being? Yeah, that IS Ryan Reynolds Van Wilder. Also during this time period Ryan starred in "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" as a beautiful male nurse. A role that would gain him notable acting gigs in the future.

FACT: Nobody but Ryan Reynolds could go from Ryan Reynolds to Fat Ryan Reynolds

Ryan then started his superhero career with the lead role in Blade: Trinity. In Blade, Ryan played Hannibal King; supermodel by day, supermodel vampire hunter by night. The film is known as a flop by many, mostly due to the inclusion of other (much lamer) supporting characters around Ryan.

"Yeah, I kill vampires"

Ryan’s greatest role to date came in the year 2008, when "Definitely Maybe" became a global phenomenon. The movie went on to have a gross eight times it’s budget and enter the hearts of people the world over. In "Maybe", Ryan plays the dad of a little girl watching her parents go through a divorce. She wants to know how they met, while the audience would really just like to know why the hell she is leaving him.

My guess is her debilitating heroin addiction

After "Definitely Maybe", Ryan went on to become a cultural phenomenon in movies such as the coming of age tale "Adventureland" and the romantic comedy "The Proposal". Both movies were commercially and critically successful, and in both Ryan portrayed a downplayed version of himself. That is not a knock on Reynolds, it’s not his fault he doesn’t have to act to be the greatest entertainer of a generation.

"I'm trapped in a box of my own attractiveness! Nobody takes me seriously!!"

But that’s not what Ryan wanted. Mr. Reynolds wanted to make sure people knew he could hold his own acting-wise as well. So Ry went on to star in the indie movie "Buried". A tale of an American truck driver in Iraq who finds himself trapped in a coffin armed with nothing but a lighter, cell phone, flask, and dashing good looks. The film went on to garner considerable critical buzz for the lead actor, and helped establish Ryan as a credible Hollywood actor. Perhaps most famously, Ryan was nominated for the prestigious “Best Scared as S**t Performance” at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.

I'd like to thank my family, my dog, and my friends...

But sure as hell not my agent. Seriously, what am I doing here?

Ryan has also become one of the few actors to portray both a DC and Marvel superhero by appearing in "Wolverine" (as Deadpool) and "Green Lantern" (as the title character). The director quickly found in "Wolverine", that the best way to silence Mr. Reynolds’ on-screen charisma is to literally mute his character. While the director of "Green Lantern" quickly found the best way to make a middling superhero movie would be to make a really bad movie and then make up for it with putting Ryan Reynolds in the lead role.

His abs make me a little more insecure everyday.

Ryan is known today as a quiet man, a man of peace and charm. Initially heartbroken by his separation from his wife Scarlett Johansson, after winning the sexiest man of all time award three years in a row, Ryan has found the inner strength to move past his divorce and is now happily seeking female companions. Ryan Reynolds can next be seen in "The Change Up" starring alongside Jason Bateman and then in "Safe House" with Denzel Washington. The former has a lot going against it, as it seems a weak notion to have an actor like Bateman try and portray the persona of Ryan Reynolds.

"Yo this is Ry...What's that?...Yeah, sure I can play the Flash"