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Hugh Laurie

Five Stars: Hugh Laurie is deserving of his five star review for one reason. He is one of the greatest living, all-around entertainers we’ve got. And he showcases it on every thing he’s tried his hand at.

Hugh Laurie is a man of epically awesome proportions. Despite being born and raised in Oxford, England, Laurie has become one of the coolest men in the world. His dad was an Olympic gold medalist and medical doctor, leaving many to wonder how his kids would handle growing up worthless in his eyes. Three children in and Ran Laurie was beginning to give up on ever fathering a child worth his seed. That is, until June 11th, 1959 when Ran and wife Patricia gave birth to a pair of the most beautiful blue eyes ever known to have been seen through. Hugh’s excellence captivated people immediately, he was known to those in the room as coming out of the womb crying Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

I want to start the rest of his history off with a warning, that I have absolutely no idea how schooling works in England… But it’s obviously an improvement on ours because the first school Hugh attended was the prestigious Dragon School (not a joke).

Later to be attended by Matthew McConaughey to help prepare for this role

After Hogwarts, Hugh went on to Eton (where James Bond also attended) and then to Cambridge where he studied archeology and owned as an oarsmen.

This will eventually be a photoshop pic of hugh laurie as Indiana jones

Fast forward through the boring parts of his life; like his time doing a bunch of stuff in England that will never ever be seen. I’m sorry Hugh, but we both know that was the filler material in what is still known as one of God’s magnus opus’. Although, during this time period Laurie was featured in the video for Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox, one of the top 100 songs according to Lennoxfan Magazine.

Laurie’s big break came in 1996, when he played Jasper, a deeply-motivated thief forced to live a life of slavery to a woman who is quite possibly the most evil person ever thought up. The part of Dalmatian thief henchman person was actually inspired in part based on Laurie’s real life experience as a priceless antiquity cat burglar. During this time period he also played generic dad archetype #2 in the Stuart Little films, a blonde in Flight of the Phoenix, and a guest star in the Friends episode “The One with Ross’s Wedding, Part Two”.

YouTube Video

This is actually House during med-school

Hugh’s main claim to fame in America (so, basically, the only place fame matters) was the hit Fox television show, House M.D. For the show, Laurie became American, adopting an accent that would not be laughed at by 78% of America (99% of Texas) every time he tried to diagnose someone with terminal cancer.

"That’s not a real illness!!!"

Laurie played Gregory House, one of the more captivating characters on television, who could diagnose rare diseases by other random people’s interjections of everyday life. The hospital he works at neglects for the most part the fact that his success rate is somewhere around 50-60% and that he is a drug addict.

House: “It was cancer!!”


House M.D. easily gets five stars from Mission In-Freaking-Sanity, expect a full review to come up sometime in the next few years. With amazing acting (mostly from Laurie), drama, and comedy, House is a mainstay in pop culture television. Also, the show was a huge hit that would go on to gain him notable acting roles in the future like a supporting role in Superman Returns and Captain James Biggs in the hit movie Street Kings.

“What am I doing with my life Keanu? Why am I here?”

But if all Laurie’s resume had to offer was his acting career, he’d only be maybe in the top 200 people of all time. No, Laurie’s talents take him across the board of awesomeness. He plays the piano, guitar, drums, harmonica and saxophone, and he can write. He released his debut novel in 1996, The Gun Seller, a parody of sorts about a conspiracy cover up. The novel (also to be given five stars from the website) was met with positive reviews and a contract for a sequel and movie script. However, Laurie hasn’t found the time in his life for either.

Does this look like a man who has time for books?

Laurie also just recently released his debut album, Let Them Talk, to positive reviews (also to eventually be given either a four or five star review from the us). Let Them Talk showcases Hugh singing bluesy tunes in a gruffled American voice and dominating at piano.

Those of you saying dominated at piano isn’t a thing haven’t heard Don’t Stop Believing

Hugh Laurie is deserving of his five star reviews for one reason. He is one of the greatest living, all-around entertainers we’ve got. And he showcases it on every thing he’s tried his hand at. I, for one, am waiting with bated breath for his next project.