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The Hero With A Thousand Faces

Three Stars: Sure, the monomyth is a really cool idea, but it's not like 496 pages of Freudian analysis cool. 

    Published in 1949, Joseph Campbell presents a series of comparisons between several classic myths to illustrate that, structurally, they are all the same story: what he calls the "monomyth." From both a 
comparative mythological
 standpoint and a literary theory perspective, the observations were groundbreaking. 

     However, he also attempts to prove, using Freudian and Jungian concepts, that, psychologically, we are all imbedded with an attraction to them. So, much like Freud and his ideas, this book is mostly bullshit. But, again, in 1949, it was innovative bullshit.

    Oh, and it's also really boring. But when when the makers of
 Star Wars or The Lion King give it credit, and other sweet stories like The Matrix and Harry Potter follow its formula religiously, I guess I have to be a little glad it exists.

Review: Taylor