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Kelly Brook

Five Stars: Once voted by the readers of FHM magazine to be the "Sexiest Women in the World," Kelly Brook is super hot. Like really hot. I mean, I guess it's obvious, but any girl who can turn both Jason Statham and fellow bald badass Billy Zane into monogamists must be... well, besides fun to talk to or something, also super hot.
    Kelly Brook is a throwback to an earlier era. She's a true natural beauty. Her artful, curvy figure is proof that a real babe isn't an anorexic Twiggy-decedent with the physique of a twelve-year old boy. No, Brook is more of an '80s-90s Cindy Crawford-esque voluminous, lustrous brunet, which, in the chick hair world, immediately elevates her above the dullness of today's standard flat, straight and bleached. And, like a '60s pin-up girl, she also has gravity-defying boobs that may lead one to believe there is a loop-hole in the laws of physics. Plus, you cannot forget to mention her ridiculously sexy English accent, which blends soothing, unabrasive RP with a dose of distinctive Estuary flair.  

Also, one last thing. Kelly Brook is pretty slutty. In a winking, playful way, sure. But still, definitely slutty. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing. I mean, she did star in Piranha 3D.