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Kate Upton's Brests

Five Stars: They are really freaking nice.

    Although often decried by feminists for exploiting women and what not, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition should probably be known as the only reason I actually care about women. SI Swimsuit Edition isn't progressing man's view of woman, it is enhancing it. Women, you are awesome... You are better than is in so many ways, it's not your fault, it's ours. But man knows what it likes, and it likes boobs.

    Boobs are those jiggly sacs of fun that you either have or stare at. And some of the best breasts on magazine stands today are Kate Upton's. Kate Upton is around 5ft with a glowing personali... who cares she has really nice boobies. Boobies with a glowing personality. Boobs that make you want to do something with your life and not settle for mediocrity. Especially considering in this scenario mediocrity means that A cup girl from next door.

Review: Ty