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The Eagles of Death Metal

Four Stars:
Sounding much closer to the Eagles than death metal, this band’s output feels like a ‘70s-stlyed soundtrack for a long-haired, unemployed roadie cruising down the Sunset Strip as he tries to kill his afternoon hangover with a doobie. 

    Loose, laid-back, cool and catchy, EODM shifts back and forth from an earthier, groovier version of easy-listening 1970s country rock, dirty Faces-style blues boogie, and thumping, straight-ahead anthems reminiscent of T.Rex. And with sweet-sounding nonsense lyrics like “Can’t afford no cheap thrills,” and grinning album titles like “Death by Sexy,” what else can you ask from a lovably archaic rock n’ roll band? 

   Although the quality of their songs is inconsistent and Jesse Hughes’ fragile vocals begin to crack at times, the Eagles of Death Metal, at their best, are pure groovy ‘70s bliss.

"Cheap Thrills," their epic of loser awesomeness,  from the album Heart On

Review: Taylor, 9/15