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The Black Angels

Five Stars:
Like a heavy acid band from the Manson era that was somehow lost into a drug-induced time-warp of nightmare and paranoia, the Black Angels have reemerged from the depths of mind-expansion with the hypnotic sounds of an apocalypse brewing just on the horizon. 

    Darkly seductive Zeppelin hooks, propulsive Sabbath rhythms, and a Morrison-esque vocal style that shifts between creepy, stretched-out speaking and loud, haunting howls... the Black Angels steal from the best. But unlike other modern bands that seek to recreate the same iconic style and too often find themselves sounding little more than forgettable, the Angels also manage to reach the same level of excellent musicianship that made their influences classic in the first place.

Featuring the best (and hottest) Bonham-esque drummer I know of, Stephanie Bailey


    And if a band dedicated to the revival of psychedelic hard rock can be great, then, without a doubt, this band is. They embody the best of the genre without hiding behind ironic self-apology or posturing excessively into unintentional parody. Instead, their sound feels both serious and natural. They do tweak some of the original stylistic conventions (for the better, in my opinion) by adding modern echo effects to the vocals and including extended instrumentals that seem composed rather than improvised. At the end of the day, even with these subtle alterations, their sound is still retro Apocalypse Now music done right.

"Young Men Dead," from their debut album Passover 

Review: Taylor, 9/15