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Frank Ocean: Nostalgia Ultra

With original beats and smart-sensual songwriting, R&B singer Frank Ocean's debut mixtape arrives with a bang (insert sex joke here).

Unique in the sense that the sentence structure borders on something along the lines of astral, with singing that comes off casual and grounded in reality. The album comes off as fresh in a somewhat crowded genre between the likes of The Dream and Drizzy Drake.

Frank Ocean is part of the group OFWGKTA, which means Ostentatious Fuzzy Wrists Gulp Knitted Toxic Airplanes.

Just kidding, that'd be a stupid name. It really means, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. The leader of whom is Tyler the Creator. Yes, that Tyler the Creator. The one of b**ch punching lyrical fame. And in terms of creativity and the world the songs take place, one can definitely draw parallels between the two artists. Nostalgia Ultra isn't the most tasteful album in terms of lyrics, something OFWGKTA is all too good at. The difference is that it isn't hampered by it, and doesn't come off as a bad joke like most of Tyler's stuff.

While not a perfect album, Nostalgia Ultra comes off as an excellent first record. Considering it was released as a free mixtape, it makes one wonder how good Ocean's debut studio LP can be.

Mixtape Download Link-Frank Ocean: Nostalgia Ultra

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