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2AM Club: What Did You Think Was Going To Happen?

Although they have a stupid name deserving of a college band going nowhere; 2AM's first LP features smart, catchy, pop in the same vein as Maroon 5.

This is an album I'm really glad I listened to. It's one I stumbled across on the Internet and immediately listened start to finish. Normally, bands like this are pretty lame... A dime a dozen and overall stale frat rap bands that never really escape the highlighter parties on campus.

GET SOME! (there are like... three girls in this picture)

I honestly think it's mostly the same formula as all those other bands, this one is just better at it. Catchier, more danceable, singable, overall more fun and enjoyable to listen to. For the most part, it escapes being just a party anthem album and works as danceable pop rap that can be sung along to in the car driving down the highway. And if I am a sucker for anything in music, it would be road trip-ready, rappable-by-me lyrics.

2am Club by ilovemusic^^)