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Dark Knight Rises


NANANANANANANANANANA BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a rough place, being definitive end to what popular culture has held on to as already one of the greatest movie trilogies of all time. The Dark Knight Rises faces a task as large as any movie franchise ending in recent memory (including such famous swan songs as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt.2 and LOTR: Return of King). The Dark Knight trilogy has amassed some stunning figures since Christopher Nolan premiered Batman Begins in 2005. The first two entries had gone on to gross over 1.3 billion dollars (sure to grow with Rises grossing 160 million in its first weekend) with every entry being above 85% on the Rotten Tomatomeater. Of the last decade in time, it’s hard to argue with this being THE trilogy… And expectations for the film were as crazed as possible.

SPOILERS!!!!!!!! (Like you haven’t seen it….)

The Dark Knight Rises isn’t a flawless film. Actually, it has more flaws than any in the trilogy. There are timing issues, there are quite a few unexplained plot holes, there are unintelligible choices made by the characters, etc etc etc. All that said, more than any of the other Batman movies, this is the one that made me feel the most excitement. Honestly, out of the three, this is the one that made me “feel” the most in general. It is undoubtedly the grandest scale of any of the Batman movies (with a scale as large as any blockbuster) and the stakes are raised in a way few movies can.

The Dark Knight Rises has something no movie this big has ever had, a chance to tell an ending where the main character dies. With this being Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale’s farewell to the franchise, there was a legitimate shot that for one of the only times in modern cinema to kill off a character as big as Batman. Franchises almost never end (Bond), and the ones that do are based on pre-existing material (Potter, LOTR). This gave the dark knight the opportunity to actually have us in the dark about the ending. For the first time we didn’t KNOW that the superhero would win or survive.

Granted… the movie didn’t kill it’s superhero, the superhero did win, the ending was about as generic as you can get, and the movie had pretty much zero surprises. But it didn’t matter that the safe ending was chosen, because in the moment you thought anything could happen. The script has some issues, but the film gets so much benefit out of being the last of what has been an outstanding trilogy that I have this as my favorite Dark Knight film and one of my favorites of the year. Does that sound like an outstanding endorsement? Sorry, this movie was an amazing experience, if not a film lacking in some areas. The flaws are easy to overlook and the movie is about as great an ending as you could ask for.

The positives? This movie is EPIC. The word gets thrown about far too often, but this is the best way to describe this movie. It is visually stunning, by far one of the best-looking films of the year. If you have the option, see this film in IMAX. Over 60 minutes of this movie was shot in the format, and it blows normal film out of the water. The film moves at a lightning fast pace, and could easily had stood to ADD time on to the already high 2 hours and 45 minutes. In fact, the movie would have made up for a lot of mistakes if more time were added to the movie.  The question to ask now is, “what’s next”? What’s next for Christopher Nolan? What’s next for the Batman franchise? Hopefully those answers will be answered shortly, but in the meantime just enjoy the ending to a great ride.