Taken, aka Ra's Al Ghul Begins

What We Already Know

According to Christopher Nolan, when Ra's Al Ghule was a young, ass-kicking mercenary he fell in love with the daughter of his employer, a warlord in the Middle East. The disapproving warlord had her taken from Ra's and placed in a prison where the inmates killed her. He reacted by becoming a member of the League of Shadows, a secret society of vigilantes. Unknown to him, his wife was pregnant with his daughter and gave birth to her in the prison before she was killed. She later escaped and joined her father in the League of Shadows. After disowning his daughter because he did not like her new boyfriend (ironic, isn't it?), he continued his work with the League of Shadows. While there, he trained the Batman, attempted to WMD Gotham City and, due to a loop-hole in Batman's allegedly rigid belief in preventing death, he was allowed to killed in a horrible elevated train accident by none-other than the Dark Knight himself. 

"I know you have incorruptible ideals.  You can't leave me on this train headed straight toward certain death."


Before He Was Ra's AL Ghul

But I doubt this was the whole story. In-between Ra's first wife being taken and his later initiation into the League of Shadows, I believe something else happened. Something that attracted the attention of the League of Shadows. Yes, before he fought criminals everywhere, Ra's Al Ghul only fought the ones that pissed him off personally. Back then, I believe he was named Bryan Mills. 

Ex-government killing machine Bryan Mills had retired from the killing business. Now he just wanted to have a closer relationship with his teenage daughter. But when she decided to ignore his advice and recklessly follow U2 around that deathtrap called Europe, of coarse, she was taken by Albanian gangsters. He tried to give them sound advice. 

The naive Albanian gangsters proved just as defiant as his daughter and just as foolish too.    

After he slaughtered the entire Albanian crime ring, we have recently learned that the relatives of the dead Albanians tried to punish Mills by taking his wife. If precedent can predict anything, these Albanians will also disregard his simple instructions and will die regretting it.  

What We Can Only Assume
After observing his uncompromising passion and unprecedented talent for killing vicious criminals in these two (and hopefully many more) instances, the League of Shadows hired Bryan Mills as a consultant. He proved an apt recruiter and trainer. Then, after a power vacuum appeared at the top of organization (also caused by the Batman's surpassingly flexible restrains on killing), Mills ascended to become the new Ra's Al Ghul. Which, to those who do not know, is Mount Everest speak for King of Snow Ninjas. 

R.I.P. Ra's Al Ghul - the World's Greatest Vigilante. 
Viciously murdered by a lesser, hypocritical vigilante.