Film Review: Catwoman

    You can’t just walk into a movie like Batman 14: The Dark Knight Rises having not seen the previous films, that’s obvious. But since I am such a film aficionado I need to know each of the characters in depth, so look no further than catwoman. 

If the internet is correct (which it is sometimes) the movie catwoman is not 100% accurate to the original comic book, so I give the film credit for improving upon the comic because it was clearly not good enough for a movie. From what I am to believe the comic catwoman is a prostitute who gets taken in by a ninja and trained in the ninja/cat/woman/criminal ways and doesn't actually have cat superpowers. I know what you’re thinking, besides the prostitute part, thats pretty dumb. But the movie Catwoman is a nerd/supermodel/dead/gets brought back to life by magic cats/woman who has cat superpowers that turn her into kind of a smart ass/likes the dude from Ms. Congeniality/prostitute. Alright now we’re getting somewhere. 

We all know superhero movies are made and broken by how good the villain is. Well it turns out to be this old lady who owns a makeup company, and she is sad because she’s getting old and wrinkly. What I appreciate is that they have a personal story that you can relate to that really give her depth. So naturally she creates a makeup product that gives you superpowers of tight skin and super strength (best makeup ever) and the only one who can stop her is catwoman! 

So in the end the movie is pretty good, I am anxious to see where Nolan takes her story from here. Kinda bummed that she goes from a showrunner in this movie to a side character in a Batman sequel, but here is to hoping for a true sequel in the future.