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2013: Year End Awards

The universe is turning 2014 soon, so naturally we want to reminisce about all the sights, sounds, and wonders it gave us this past year. Then perhaps we can put aside our differences and look towards a whole new future of art striving to the perfection of a 5 star review.

Best Actor: ("A Theatrical Preformer")
Leonardo DiCaprio: Jordan Belfort: The Wolf of Wall Street
Hugh Jackman: Keller Dover: Prisoners
Jake Gyllenhaal: Detective Loki: Prisoners
George Clooney: Matt Kowalski: Gravity
Tom Hanks: Walt Disney: Saving Mr. Banks
Matthew McConaughey: Mark Hanna: The Wolf of Wall Street

Best Actress: ("A Woman who is an Actor")
Jennifer Lawrence: Roslyn Rosenfield: American Hustle
Emma Thompson: P.L. Travers: Saving Mr. Banks
Amy Adams: Sydney Prosser: American Hustle
Sandra Bullock: Ryan Stone: Gravity 

Best Comedy: (":D")
This is the End
The World's End
The Internship
Anchorman 2: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 
The Head

Best Video Game: ("These kinda aren't quotes anymore.")
The Last Of Us
Grand Theft Auto V
Saints Row IV
Bioshock Infinite 

Best Television Actor: ("Is this better or worse than Best Actor?")
Gabriel Macht: Suits: Harvey Specter
Kevin Spacey: House of Cards: Francis Underwood
Timothy Olyphant: Justified: Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: Game of Thrones: Jaime Lannister
Charlie Hunnam: Sons of Anarchy: Jackson Teller

Best Television Show: ("If only one of us had gotten further in Breaking Bad")
House of Cards
Game of Thrones

Best Childhood Story About Living in the Midwest: ("Hey I grew up there... sit down children and listen to uncle MIFS.")
Saving Mr. Banks
American Hustle: Louis C.K.: Ice Story

Best Apocalyptic Movie: ("I hope I live to see that")
This is the End
The World's End
World War Z 

The David O'Hara Award for Most Bad-ass Minor Character: ("I hear he was in this season of Luther, if only that show was just a little less British.")
James Badge Dale: Dan Reid: The Lone Ranger
Ty Simpkins: Harley Kener: Iron Man 3
Hiroyuki Sanada: Shingen Yashida: The Wolverine 

Best Moment of Falling for an Extended Period of Time: ("No Furious 6 yet...")
The Lone Ranger: I'm told there is a falling scene
Star Trek Into Darkness: Enterprise falls into London
Iron Man 3: A plane full of professional skydivers
Thor: The Dark World: Thor falls through dimensions

Best The Rock: ("Movies also called The Rock qualify")
Furious 6: Luke Hobbs
Pain & Gain: Paul Doyle
G.I. Joe: Retaliation: Roadblock
Snitch: John Matthews

Best Use of a Hot Woman: ("Now if we had some women on staff...") 
Bar Paly: Sorina Luminita: Pain & Gain: Obviously we need a stripper for our heist
Gal Gadot: Gisele: Furious 6: Getting info from gunman 
Random Slow Motion Girls: Spring Breakers: How many hours of footage do we need?
Alice Eve: Carol: Star Trek Into Darkness: What?

Best Super Hero: ("I can be you'r hero, baby! I can Kiss away the pain.")
Iron Man: Tony Stark: Iron Man 3
Thor: Thor: Thor: The Dark World
Wolverine: Logan: The Wolverine
Superman: Kal-El: Man of Steel

Best Independent Movie: ("Movies that don't conform to the man's idea of quality")
The Place Beyond the Pines
Spring Breakers
12 Years a Slave

Best Villain: ("Not necessarily super")
Agent Patrick Denham: Kyle Chandler: The Wolf of Wall Street
General Zod: Michael Shannon: Man of Steel
The Mandarin: Ben Kingsley: Iron Man 3
Aldrich Killian: Guy Pearce: Iron Man 3
Khan: Benedict Cumberbatch: Star Trek Into Darkness
Richie DiMaso: Bradley Cooper: American Hustle

Best Fight: ("Problems are best solved with violence")
Roman & Han V Jah: Tyrese Gibson & Sung Kang V Joe Taslim: Furious 6
Superman V General Zod: Henry Cavill V Michal Shannon: Man of Steel
Wolverine V Shingen: Hugh Jackman V Hiroyuki Sanada: The Wolverine
Gipsy Danger V Knifehead: Charlie Hunnam & Rinko Kikuchi V Knifehead: Pacific Rim

Winners and more categories coming soon...