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2012: Year End Awards

Day One Awards:

Best use of slow-mo:(Doves are bad-ass, thanks C-Tate)
"21 Jump Street: Doves!"
The Man With the Iron Fists: Every fight
Premium Rush: Biker Vision

Best Use of a Hot Woman:(Thor totally could have saved his girlfriend, he just didn't want to.)
Silver Linings Playbook: Butt dancing 
Avengers: Black Widow tied to a chair
Skyfall: Girl dies and James doesn't care
"Cabin in the Woods: Hot chick dies while making love"
Total Recall: Kate Beckinsale

Best Action Scene: (Why would you ever need to get on top of a train? (Archer Reference))
Avengers: One shot continuous battle
Dark Knight Rises: Opening scene
Dark Knight Rises: Bane Vs. Batman city fight
"Skyfall: Train fight"
Django Unchained: Final Shootout 
Premium Rush: BMX fight

Best Super Hero: (Cap: "We need a plan of attack!" Tony: "I have a plan... attack!" This years awards are brought to you by "quotes".)
Dark Knight Rises: The Batman
"Avengers: Iron man"
Avengers: Hulk
Avengers: Thor
Avengers: Captain America

Best New Major Character: ("Who was the man on the phone?", "Uh... his name was fuck you", "Really?", "Yeah he was Asian" More quotes!)
Django Unchained: Django
Jack Reacher: Jack Reacher
Prometheus: David
Ted: Ted
Magic Mike: Dallas
"Lockout: Snow"

The David O'Hara Award for Most Bad-Ass Minor Character: (I know what you're thinking it's a cop-out to give two people one award. They will just have to learn to share.)
Dark Knight Rises: CIA Op(Aidan Gillen)
Dark Knight Rises: Ex Prisoner (Noel Gugliemi)
"Magic Mike: Ken (Matt Bomer) & Big Dick Richie (Joe Manganiello)"
Django Unchained: Butch Pooch & Ace Speck (James Remar)
End of Watch: Sarge (Frank Grillo)
The Hunger Games: Cinna (Lenny Kravitz)
Contraband: Jim Church (David O'Hera)

Best Moment of Falling for an Extended Period: (Its almost unfair I mean it's right in the name)
Looper: Falls from apartment
"Skyfall: Fall from train into credits"
Dark Knight Rises: Prison climb
Total Recall: Falling into the lower city
Avengers: Thor Falling in prison chamber thing

Best Non Action Movie: (Who would have thought a Bradly Cooper/ Chris Tucker buddy cop action movie would have won best non action movie?)
"Silver Linings Playbook"

Best Comedy: (It's a coming of the age story about a cop and his loser friend trying to take down the evil James Franco's Brother)
The Five Year Engagement
"21 Jump Street"
Magic Mike 
Seven Psychopaths
The Cabin in the Woods

The Tome Cruise Award for the best running sequence: (Slim pickings this year... One pretty good one though. Sorry Tom)
The Bourne Legacy

Best Trailer: (A movie released in 2012 winning the best trailer of 2012! Not off to a good start 2013, shame on you)
Pacific Rim: Trailer 1
Man of Steel: Trailer 1
The Dark Knight Rises: Trailer 3
Django Unchained: Red Banned Trailer
A Good Day to Die Hard: Trailer 1
Iron Man 3: Trailer 1
Looper: Trailer 1
"Skyfall: Teaser Trailer"
Pain and Gain: Trailer 1
Star Trek: Into Darkness Trailer 1
Broken City: Trailer 1

Best Villain: (If Leo Decap and the Joker where to combine forces they could easily kill any hero)
The Dark Knight Rises: Bane
"Django Unchained: Calvin Candie"
Premium Rush: Bobby Monday
Skyfall: Silva
Goon: Ross Rhea
The Expendables 2: Vilain (That's what his credit is! Awesome!)
The Grey: Wolves
Lawless: Charlie Rakes
Chronicle: Andrew Detmer

The Most Anticipated of 2013: (We might have to change the name of the site once this comes out)
Man of Steel
Pacific Rim 
"The Fast and the Furious Six"
Iron Man
Star Trek
Pain and Gain
This is the End
Runner Runner
Rest in Peace Department
Broken City
Star Trek: Into Darkness

The Biggest Disappointment: (All they need to do to fix it is add in a shaky cam filter onto the movie.)
"The Bourne Legacy"

Director of the Year: (Little known fact, he is Eva Mendes's twin brother)
"Sam Mendes"
Christoper Nolan
Joss Whedon
Rian Johnson
Quentin Tarantino
David O'Russel
Ang Lee

Best Actress: (This is the second nomination and first win for Hunger Games girl)
Emily Blunt
Ann Hathaway
Scarlett Johansson
"Jennifer Lawrence"