We here at Mission In-Freaking-Sanity are devoted to the art of the review, despite being under appreciated by most people, reviewers are often better and more smarter then the people who made the product being reviewed. We give unbiased and straight reviews for everything that deserves a review be it good or bad. We cannot be bought and integrity is the most important aspect in this website. Each review is carefully thought out and put through a series of rigorous test to insure quality and criticalness. We utilize a highly mathematical 0-5 star scale which can be put into words like this.   

    Mission In-Freaking-Sanity is a website for the people... us. If you are like us, you may enjoy this website. We strive to put our articles in a humorous light; making you laugh is one of our priorities. It is a website of everything and our take on said everything. At MIFS you will find features, videos, music/movie/game/Pringles reviews, and pretty much anything that comes to mind. We're kind of like Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, ESPN, Rotten Tomatoes, Giant Bomb, Metacritic, Screened, YouTube, and Google all rolled in to one. Yet also better than their combined force could ever be.

0 Stars: This product is not very good
1 Stars: This product is 1 better then not very good
2 Stars: This product is not terrible but not 3 stars good
3 Stars: This product is alright
4 Stars: This product is amazing
5 Stars: This product be it a movie or not is in the top five movies of all time.

Half stars are for chumps. Thank you.

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