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Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Four Stars:  JThis is a film about the most bad-ass sushi maker in the world. His name is Jiro and he makes the sh%# out of some sushi. (This review just got pretty hard core for some reason)

    Have you ever cared about something? Think about it, think of something you care for the most in the world, got it? Good, because you will never care about that as much as Jiro cares about sushi, he puts it above his family, friends and time. Jiro is an 85 year old man who never takes a day off. All he does is make and think about sushi 24/7.

    Jiro owns a restaurant in Japan that is considered one of the best restaurants in the world period, besides that its in a subway station. But the thing that is fascinating about this is not only the world class sushi making and filming, but Jiro as a person. Jiro is almost mythical like in his approach to life, he does the same thing every day and keeps people to impossible standards. He goes as far as telling his son that he has no home to come back to if he fails at making a restaurant up to his standards. If you have ever thought about complaining about your own life just work 5% as hard as Jiro at anything and you will be incredibly successful.