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Deep Blue Sea

Four starsThe best shark movie since… well, you know

    A rare quality for its genre, Deep Blue Sea has characters you like and, more conventionally, sharks that eat them. An absurd but appealing sci-fi setup leads to a suspenseful disaster film story structure. The film also deserves a lot of credit for toying with the audience’s genre expectations as well. 

Example: watch this inspiring Sam Jackson monologue (it goes without saying, I know). Avoid if you don't like spoilers or humor. 

But this film's greatest achievement may be, on a visual entertainment level, the most ingenious sequence of shark destruction ever put on the screen. 

Conveniently, the scene can also double as a how-to guide for surviving a shark attack.  

The Dilemma:  

You're a sexy scientist in your underwater alzheimer's research facility, which happens to be flooding, and your giant, hyper-intellegent test shark decides it wants to eat you before applying to Mensa. What do you do? 

Step 1: 

Get out of water

Step 2: 



Step 3 (These steps are less important):

Stand on shock-proof wetsuit. 


Step 4:

While still undressed, pull active electrical wire out of wall.

Step 5: 

Just when Stephen Hawking opens his mouth...


Step 6: 

Very important: Even after shark is dead, stay in underwear.

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